Tuesday, September 7, 2010

class 4

day: labor
instructor: john, 430pm

oh, holy hell.
well, this weekend was way fun, and it sure did show in the beginning of class. ay yi yi. i drank my face off on friday night, so, not only was i probably dehydrated, i was missing a face. real big problos.

i took the weekend off due to having 5 shows, 2 classes to teach, and some various holiday plans. by the time i hit class, i was worried it was gonna be rough. in some ways it was - i was way hotter. my temp seemed to soar much more quickly in this class than it had before - i was real messed up by mid-class, where as i'm usually just really unbearably hot right when we're released. still, got through it.

report, though, on the good side:
1. way bendier. is it possible you more flexible this quickly? i can grab the bottoms of the soles of my feet now, as well as kick back harder in a few poses. that's something.
2. 2 people have remarked on how i look different/leaner all the sudden. i feel like i do too. maybe it's that i'm standing taller, but something is up. haven't noticed a major number change, but there is some sort of change.

about to hit class 5 here in about an hour.

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