Tuesday, September 7, 2010

class 5 - oof.

date: sept 7
time: 430pm, Conni

tonight was a tough one for me. class four i felt partially decent, as if skipping some time helped me be more relaxed. today i felt tired at the beginning, even from the breathing exercises.

pose-wise, i'm getting there. something i've learned again - i've always known my legs are short, but so are my arms. i can't naturally reach my same side leg with one hand, i can only do opposite legs (across). there are so many positions that rely on this - i'm hoping by october i can do it.

speaking of poses, maybe my next entry will be on that. i got better at a few this time, including a bow-like one, but i'm paying for it now... my back is on fire.

perk: i made a friend in class - liz. that's the woman that was nice to me on day 1. she's great.


  1. I did one and it ate my face off. The helpful lady working there put my mat near the door and I found that painful - I would just get used the heat then ZOW! FREEEZING COLD AC ON ME!! AY YI YI!

    I'm going to try it again, even though I had to be firm with the instructor that I was not going to get into a kneeling position. My knees are messed up from running and they are juuust starting to heal.

    I'm going to try a different instructor and yes, probably wear less clothing.

    And hellz yeah, the people around me are RIPPED.

  2. p.s. Is it okay if I add a link to this site from my blog, A Conglomeration of Morphemes?