Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here we go, dummies.

the intro...

today begins my foray into bikram: hot yoga with a set of 26 positions (hold for laffs) in a 105 degree room.
why would anyone do this, you ask?

welp, see, i've been hungry for a little exercise challenge. summer was great - lots of walks, jogging, playing, swimming, stuff like that (i never thought i'd actually sort of look forward to jogging - i kind of like it now, but only for the gameyness that my nikeplus watch makes me feel). so, with those things sort of rolling, and a few of them coming to a close when it comes to outdoor fun, i thought it might be - well, neat - to start a weird new goal.

i started doing research. i've done yoga a solid amount of times and i've never really liked it. i like it more than i did at the beginning, but that's only an inkling over despising, y'see. i like pilates okay because it felt stronger and less meditate-y (real word - look it up, read a book); i hoped maybe bikram might split the difference of those and make me work hard and be bendy.

lots of friends seem to have a story - they've tried it, were scared of it, slunk away, got addicted, passed out, lost it, couldn't stay away, heard rumors about it - all in all, it sounded like an abusive relationship. ...i'm listening.

so, i yelped. i researched. i asked friends. i read. and i found the deal of the century - a 29 dollar package at a pretty dope studio that is regulation, and allows you to do unlimited your first month. (after that, it's 4,039/day, so, i'm hoping i don't like it.) my challenge was born - along with moderate cardio throughout the month, september is for bikram.

my goal is to do 3-4 sessions a week, or around 15 sessions in a month. if i overachieve, i expect to be a pretzel.
more to come.
any tips anyone has that's done it, i'm listenin'.

can't wait to start.


  1. Jessica Ring Wear a tank and shorts. people will be wearing less. Drink plenty of water before the class so you are hydrated. They say not to eat for 2 hrs before. Get there early so you have time to lay down on your mat and get your heart rate down (relaxed) and get sorta used to the heat. Bring a towel for your mat. Sitting closer to the door might be a little cooler. oh bring a change of clothes. the sweatin be crazy. Good luck girl!!

    Tamara Nolte I havn't done it- but I'm going to try core Power yoga this month. Serious good luck!

    Charna Halpern Oh no-this is not for me.

    Tara DeFrancisco ringu: i did it today - first day. i gotta report back in a few once i get some under my belt. it went well - but OHMANITWASHARD.

    Tara DeFrancisco nolte: that sounds neat - what's the diff? no heat, constant movement?

    Tara DeFrancisco halpern: i'm not convinced this is for anyone, yet. but MAN - the people in there were R I P P E D.

    Chris Michael yikes! i bought a groupon for this a bunch of bikram session a while back, was waiting for it to get chilly out to cash it in... little apprehensive now

    Chris Michael good english me

    Tara DeFrancisco real gud. my friend prouty got that groupon... he used it (for 20, right?) - he's gone once and was overwhelmed but did ok, he reports.
    Bill Saveley I am proud of you. Discipline is not easy. You inspire in many ways. This is another chapter in your story. Kudos.

    David Razowsky Bikram is the way to go. Your muscles are warmed and primed, you aren't as sore after your practice, and the feeling of accomplishment combined with the beauty of yoga is unmeasurable. It is the perfect way to get grounded, present and awake. Keep it up!

    Susan Messing If it's during the day I'd go with you, primarily for the unintentional comedy aspect. Plus, I'm kind of bendy and I'd like to be really bendy.

  2. dear bendy
    get one of those yoga towel mat things... with the little rubber nubs... what ? i said it.... really though, you'll sweat like a mo fo, and if you slip in down dog and face plant - it sucks, i know. regular towels are not as good... but bring one of them too. water. lots o.
    proud of you!
    i have fallen in love with the hots... although i am mostly doing vinyassa in a hot studio...only 90 degrees... excited to hear about your bendy peaceful adventure!
    namasta bitch

  3. i knew it was trace even before i saw the sig! i'm so glad you're here. tell me more things...

    i had done hot yoga - you gotta get on this train, man. it's so diff. there's no down dog ever - it's literally 26 positions (that's what she said) every time. increds. 105 degrees. stupid as heylllll.

    do it and report b.

  4. Sometimes it helps me to visualize during the really tough parts. This is me sticking it out during a really tough audition or personality shining on Letterman, etc. Pick your fantasy.