Tuesday, September 7, 2010

number 2 (heehee!) & 3

Classes done: 3
Latest instructor: Ian (meh)
Feeling: wary but still intrigued

so, my second class was only a day after my first, so by this point, i'm rolling 3 hardcore classes deep (counting kettlebells). i am in such incredible pain - like, just straight up muscle pain - it's incredible. my hamstrings are on fire and i'm shuffling around the house like a knob (change), and my roomies are laughing at how dumb i am (no change).

however, i have already noticed 2 things by this, class three:
a. my skin - especially my face - is like 40 baby's butts. i know, THAT many babies. it is so soft, no lotion could've gotten it there. i think it must be due to the fact that in each class i've chugged 2 liters, and/or that you're sweating so much you're just pouring toxins out. also, this is something i wanna understand more - i feel like it's something people keep saying... "You're just getting rid of so many toxins!" - which i buy, but doesn't it sound like a soundbite? i'm sweating. you probably always are. if anyone has research on this, i'd love to know.
b. i am still really interested in the class. lactic acid be damned, something really WANTS to go. part of it might be the fact that you never spend 1.5 hours a day just being quiet with yourself, staring at yourself in a mirror. i feel like i'm coaching a friend through these intense, strange body shapes; letting myself remain quiet and just being. i don't know if it's about the exercise aspect, but it's still neat.

there we are. the weekend is off...


  1. I am inspired. There's a Bikram studio in the hoity-toity area of my little town and I'm going to try the 4:30 class. I'm not very worried about the heat. I drink about 2 gallons of water a day anyway, and I'm used to walking in 100+ degree heat for 2 hours here in Texas just as exercise, so I wonder how I'll handle the 105-degree heat of Bikram?

    I'm thinking I will wear my UnderArmour bike shorts and a tank-top thing. What do you wear? Do you wear a sports bra?

  2. Actually, the "sweat-soaked gray top" photo just answered my question for me.

  3. jillo - i'm a water drinker too. it is not enuffff. bring a ton with you to class. it's bonkers.

  4. also, yes on that shirt. i wear less now - like, a tank top and bike/yoga shorts. modesty means nothing in these classes.

  5. Right. I'm going again today after work. they said to take the second class within 24 hours of the first and I didn't do that, but hey - I'm giving it another try. It's a sign of love to my improv troupe here that I will shower before I go to workshop.